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Melende Baguasan Gonzales

San Francisco, California Obituaries

Melende Baguasan Gonzales funeral arrangements are under the care
and direction of VALENTE MARINI PERATA & CO 4840 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94112 (415) 333-0161.

Obituary for Melende Baguasan Gonzales, San Francisco

Visitation Information
Time:3:00 PM
Location:VALENTE MARINI PERATA & CO 4840 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94112 (415) 333-0161

Rosary/Prayer Service Information
Time:7:00 PM
Location:VALENTE MARINI PERATA & CO 4840 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94112 (415) 333-0161

Funeral Information
Time:10:00 AM
Location:Corpus Christi Church 62 Santa Rosa Ave. San Francisco 94112 (415) 585-2991

Graveside Information
Time:11:30 AM
Location:HOLY CROSS CATHOLIC CEMETERY 1500 Mission Rd., So. San Francisco, CA 94080 (650) 756-2060

Melende Baguasan Gonzales passed away on Saturday, November 15, 2014.
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Express your love and sympathy with a final tribute that will console the family and friends at the Visitation or Service.

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It is always appropriate, and often times recommended, sending flowers or plants to the family after the funeral services are over. During this period, phone calls and words of comfort taper off. Then, the heartfelt pain of a death in the family is really experienced for the first time. The arrival of a beautiful bouquet or living plant can be so uplifting during this stage of grief and loneliness. Realizing that others still care and remember even weeks after the services can be great comfort to those in mourning.

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